From HallowRead attendee to featured author

After silently stalking one of my favorite authors’ Facebook page for months, I finally met her at one of her speaking engagements. She invited me to attend the first annual HallowRead mini-con held in Ellicott City, Maryland, and when I got there I felt like I’d fallen into nerd-girl/fan-girl Heaven.

RA Boyd photo - attendee to HallowRead returns as featured authorClasses about shifters and fairies and gods were held throughout different buildings along Main Street featuring indie, and traditionally published, authors. I was able to meet writers, face-to-face, and ask them questions in a relaxed yet charged atmosphere. To be around readers and writers who shared the same passions as I did made me feel less like the odd girl in the room jotting down random notes and more like one of the awesome nerds who had found an awesome group to be with. Their message to me about being an author was all the same: get off your keister and start submitting, and if you can’t find anyone willing to publish your work then do it yourself.

Two self-published books, two short stories and an article later I told myself that I would cross the invisible line and be a contributing author at the 2016 HallowRead. Rachel Rawlings, founder of the HallowRead and amazing author, was one of my original encouragers and when she told me I would be a participating author at this year’s event I felt like the newly crowned prom queen.

The HallowRead is mini-con where lovers of Paranormal Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Steam Punk go to find books, new favorite authors, and maybe even a ghostly encounter. Writers can find encouragement and sometimes a pushy author telling them to make it happen.

So whether you’re a reader, writer or are trying to figure out exactly what Steam Punk is, the HallowRead is the place to figure it out and have a hell of a good time doing it.

signed…. R. A. Boyd




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